§ 9.80.070. Pipe casing weights.  

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    Every well hereafter constructed shall be cased with standard pipe which shall weigh per foot not less than the weights specified in the following table:

    Size of Casing

    and Screen
    Minimum Weight

    Per Foot of Casing
    4″ inside diameter 10 pounds
    5″ inside diameter 14 pounds
    6″ inside diameter 18 pounds
    8″ inside diameter 28 pounds
    10″ inside diameter 40 pounds
    12″ inside diameter 49 pounds
    15″ outside diameter 60 pounds
    18″ outside diameter 80 pounds
    20″ outside diameter 89 pounds



    The pipe and also the screen proposed to be used shall in all cases be subject to the approval of the superintendent.

(Prior code § 23-21)