§ 7.16.030. Fees

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  • A. Impoundment and daily handling fees are established and shall be charged according to animal classification, as follows:

    1. Class A—Includes dogs, cats and ferrets; and exotic animals NOT requiring capture by department personnel;

    2. Class B—Includes sheep, lambs, pigs, sows, goats, calves, foals and animals of same approximate size and weight as those specifically listed as Class B animals;

    3. Class C—Includes cattle, horses, ponies, mules and animals of the same approximate size and weight as those specifically listed as Class C animals;

    4. Class D—Exotic animals requiring capture by department personnel.

    B. The department may establish vaccination, microchipping, adoption and other services relating to the health and safety of animals and the return of animals to their owners or to new owners, conduct clinics for the public to provide such services, and charge the established fees for such services.

    C. The established fee will be charged for animal delivery service requested by the owner of an animal when the animal has been previously redeemed at the center.

    D. Fees for all registrations and permits issued under this chapter are established and shall be charged on an annual basis, unless otherwise specifically provided in this title.

    E. Any dog, cat or ferret redeemed by or released from quarantine or impoundment to an owner shall be required to meet the vaccination, registration and microchip requirements of this title prior to release. If vaccination, registration or microchipping is performed at the center the established fees for such services shall be paid prior to the release.

    F. Dog or cat traps shall be made available to any adult resident of the City of El Paso at no charge. By borrowing a trap, each resident hereby agrees:

    1. That all traps will be returned no later than the fifth day after pick-up or delivery of the trap;

    2. The program is entitled to reimbursement for the full replacement cost of the trap should it not be timely returned; and

    3. To pay the established fee for any trap that may be delivered by the program.

(Ord. 16229 § 1 (part), 2006)

(Ord. No. 17428, § 18, 10-5-2010/eff. 1-1-2011)