§ 2.102.080. Services available to a neighborhood associations coalition  

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  • The city will provide the following services and benefits to a neighborhood associations coalition provided that the neighborhood associations coalition has filed with the permit official a copy of its current by-laws or rules and regulations, which meet the requirements of Section 2.102.030 A.3., and has submitted a current membership list of its representative recognized neighborhood associations for verification purposes:

    A. The services and benefits identified in Section 2.102.070 A.—C.;

    B. Upon request, use of city facilities, as designated by the city manager, for the purpose of conducting a monthly meeting, which is open to the general public and for the public purposes of promoting civic engagement and communication among recognized neighborhood associations, city personnel, and the general public on civic matters affecting the livability and character of city neighborhoods; and

    C. In-kind secretarial support services related to the public meetings described in Section 2.102.080 B. above, to the extent practicable, as determined by the city manager or designee.

(Ord. No. 17744, § 1, 3-6-2012)