§ 12.88.010. Schedule I—One-way streets  

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  • In accordance with Section 12.36.020 and when properly signposted traffic shall move only in the direction indicated upon the following streets:

    Name of Street Direction of Traffic Movement
    1.  Kansas Street Southbound between Schuster Avenue and Loop 375 (Border Highway).
    2.  Campbell Street Northbound between Loop 375, the Border Highway, and Schuster Avenue.
    9.  Myrtle Avenue Westbound from Alameda Avenue to Stanton Street.
    10.  Magoffin Avenue Eastbound from San Antonio Avenue to Alameda Avenue.
    11.  Rio Grande Avenue East from Mesa Street to Cotton Street.
    12.  Grant Avenue East between Cotton Street and Piedras Street.
    13.  Arizona Avenue West between Alabama Street and Cotton Street.
    14.  Alley west of Stanton Street Southbound between Mills Avenue and San Antonio Avenue.
    15.  Alley north of Texas Street West between Campbell Street and Kansas Street.
    17.  Alley north of Tularosa Avenue East between Piedras Street and Raynor Street.
    18.  Alley north of Wyoming Avenue West between Piedras Street and Birch Street.
    19.  Third Avenue West between El Paso Street and Santa Fe Street.
    20.  Yandell Drive West from Piedras Street to Santa Fe Street.
    21.  Birch Street South from Yandell Drive to Wyoming Avenue.
    22.  Reserved.
    23.  Alabama Street North between Grant Avenue and Arizona Avenue.
    24.  The alley between Oregon Street and El Paso Street Northbound between San Antonio Avenue and Sheldon Court.
    25.  Federal Avenue West between Grant Avenue and Luna Street.
    26.  The alley west of McRae Boulevard Northbound between Bellis and Album.
    29.  Gateway Boulevard East Eastbound.
    30.  Gateway Boulevard West Westbound.
    31.  The alley one-half block east of Campbell Street between Yandell Drive and Montana Avenue Southbound.
    33.  Arizona Avenue Westbound from Cotton Street to Oregon Street.
    34.  Missouri Avenue Westbound from Piedras Street to Santa Fe Street.
    35. Franklin Avenue Eastbound from Oregon Street to Campbell Street.
    36.  Stanton Street Northbound from San Antonio Avenue to Montana Avenue.
    37.  The alley between Myrtle Avenue and Texas Avenue and Stanton Street and Kansas Street Northbound from Myrtle to Texas.
    38. Reserved.
    39.  El Paso Street Northbound from Sixth Avenue to the intersection of the west line of South El Paso Street and the south line of W. San Antonio Avenue, and from Mills Avenue to Main Drive.
    40.  Olive Street Westbound from Palm Street to Eucalyptus Street.
    41.  San Antonio Avenue Eastbound, that portion of San Antonio Avenue which lies north of the Franklin Canal between Palm Street and Eucalyptus Street.
    42.  Wyoming Avenue East between Santa Fe Street and Kansas Street.
    44.  Raynor Street Northbound from Gateway Boulevard East to Pershing Drive.
    45.  Service Road on east side of Piedras Street Northbound from Almeda Avenue to Rosa Avenue.
    46.  Service Road on north side of Texas Avenue Westbound from a point 22 feet west of the Piedras Street overpass structure to Poplar Street.
    47.  Service Road on south side of Texas Avenue Eastbound from Poplar Street to a point 22 feet west of the Piedras overpass structure.
    48.  Durango Street Service Road, east North between San Antonio Avenue and San Francisco Avenue.
    49.  Durango Street, service road, west South between San Francisco Avenue and San Antonio Avenue.
    50.  Gateway Boulevard South Southbound.
    51.  Gateway Boulevard North Northbound.
    52.  Monroe Avenue Eastbound between Piedras Street and the easternmost intersection of Monroe Avenue with Pollard Street.
    53.  Van Buren Avenue Westbound between Pollard Street and Piedras Street.
    54.  Sheridan Road Northbound between Apollo Avenue and the north city limits.
    55.  War Road (to the extent that it is in the city limits) Northbound between the south city limits and a point one thousand feet north of Transmountain Road.
    56.  Jupiter Street Southbound between Dyer Street and the north city limits.
    57.  Detour Road Southbound on the extension of Jupiter Street between Dyer Street and its intersection with Sheridan Road near Apollo Avenue.
    58.  Overland Street Service Road Eastbound from its intersection with Overland Street just east of Tornillo Street to the Cotton Street Service Road.
    59.  Cotton Street Service Road Northbound from Overland Street Service Road to San Antonio Avenue.
    60.  Alley west of Santa Fe Street North between Overland Avenue and San Antonio Avenue.
    61.  Main Drive Westbound between Los Angeles Drive and Yandell Drive.
    62.  Alley between Mesa Street and Oregon Street Southbound from Missouri Avenue to Franklin Avenue.
    63.  Lamar Street Southbound between Bliss Avenue and Hueco Avenue.
    64.  Glenwood Street Northbound between Webster Avenue and Gateway Boulevard East.
    65.  Flower Drive Westbound between Glenwood Street and Buena Vista Street.
    66.  Alley west of Stanton Street Northbound between Mills Avenue and Main Drive.
    67.  Estrella Street Northbound from Alameda Avenue to Durazno Avenue.
    68.  San Marcial Street Southbound between Gateway East Boulevard and Alameda Avenue.
    69.  Hernandez Street Southbound between Abdou Street and Blanco Avenue.
    70.  Alley between North Mesa Street and North Oregon Street Southbound between Robinson Avenue and Boston Avenue.
    71.  Sandoval Court Eastbound from Candelaria Street to San Fernando Court.
    72.  The alley between Mesa Street and Stanton Street Southbound between Texas Avenue and San Antonio Avenue.
    73.  The alley between Kansas Street and Campbell Street Southbound between Overland Street and First Street.
    74.  Teodoso Drive Westbound between Pendale Drive and a point 200 feet east thereof.
    75.  Merchant Avenue Eastbound from Hawkins Boule-vard to Tony Lama Street.
    76.  Central Avenue Westbound between Piedras Street and Paisano Drive.
    77.  The alley between Harris Street and Zaragoza Road north of Alameda Avenue Eastbound from Harris Street to Zaragoza Road.
    78.  Depot Street between Alameda Avenue and alley Northbound from Alameda Avenue to alley.
    79.  Schutz Drive Northbound between Alameda Avenue and Teodoso Drive.
    80.  Laurel Street Southbound between Montana Avenue and Cotton Street.
    81.  Ninth Avenue Westbound between Mesa Street and Oregon Street.
    82.  West Missouri Avenue Westbound between Durango Street and Coldwell Street.
    83.  Coldwell Street Southbound between West Missouri Avenue and Franklin Street.
    84.  Dorbandt Circle Northbound from Irwin Avenue to Davis Drive.
    85.  San Francisco Avenue Eastbound from Coldwell Street to Durango Street.
    86.  Anthony Street Northbound from Paisano Drive to San Francisco Avenue.
    87.  Reserved
    88.  Rosa Avenue Westbound from Luna Street to Cebada Street.
    89.  Laurel Street North Bound between Yandell Avenue and Wyoming Avenue.
    90.  Cincinnati Avenue Westbound from Stanton Street to Mesa Street.
    91.  Boston Avenue Westbound from Campbell Street to Kansas Street.
    92.  Ladrillo Avenue Eastbound from Hudspeth Place to Lee Street.
    93.  Main Drive Westbound from a point 100 feet west of Oregon Street to El Paso Street.


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