§ 12.44.170. Parking on city-owned property  

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  • A. Authority of the traffic engineer. The traffic engineer is authorized and directed, subject to approval of the city council, to establish loading zones, parking time limit zones, no parking zones, reserved parking zones, parking meter zones and such other parking regulations as may be necessary to properly control and regulate the parking of vehicles on city-owned properties outside the right-of-way of any dedicated public street which is intended for parking.

    B. Based on studies. The traffic engineer shall establish such parking zones or other parking regulations on the basis of traffic and engineering studies determining the needs of the city with respect to the land, the public convenience and necessity, and public safety.

    C. Placing signs and markings. The director of the department of transportation is authorized to place and maintain signs and markings as may be necessary to adequately inform the public of such regulations.

    D. It shall be a violation for any person to park on city owned property contrary to the signs or markings placed by authority of this section.

    E. A vehicle, which displays license plates issued under the applicable Texas Transportation Code sections noted below, is exempt from the payment of a parking fee at any city facility where a parking fee is collected, provided that the vehicle is being operated at the time of accrual of such parking fee by or for the transportation of the person that registered the vehicle under such Texas Transportation Code provisions:

    1. Section 504.202—Veterans with Disabilities;

    2. Section 504.315(c)—Former Prisoners of War;

    3. Section 504.315(d)—Pearl Harbor Survivors;

    4. Section 504.315(e)—Congressional Medal of Honor recipients; and

    5. Section 504.315(g)—Purple Heart recipients.

    This section does not permit a vehicle to be parked at a time when or a place where parking is prohibited.

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